Study in USA and Canada

IISAC promotes students from India and Middle East to study in USA and Canada for undergraduate and graduate degree in all subject areas. American degree holders are sought after by industries, businesses, and organizations. This will be a sure passport for any coveted job in any country in the world.

An American degree provides holistic education in addition to technical competencies with the real world experience through coop and internship as a part of their undergraduate or graduate curriculum. After the completion of the degree programs in USA or Canada, students have the option to apply for work permit and or settle down through permanent residency. The cost of the program in both the countries will vary from $ 20,000 to $35,000 a year. IISAC can help students win admission in these two countries provided they meet the criteria for admissions.

Services Offered;

  • Choice of US and Canadian Universities
  • Choice of courses & degrees
  • Comprehensive admission services
  • Test preparation(TOFEL, SAT, GRE, GMAT)
  • Guidance for selecting majors and minors
  • Student visa services
  • Enrollment for September and January semesters
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • In-country orientation in USA /Canada
  • Scholarship, assistantships and campus work for eligible students
  • Internships, Industrial training, practical training and job visa for qualifies students

As a degree seeking student in USA/Canada, you can enroll in any subject areas from any of our universities in USA/Canada. All our campuses are friendly with small class size, assessable professors and excellent support services. Many of these universities are located near world’s most beautiful regions and great business centers. These universities have carrier centers to provide information and advice on carriers. Students can make use of this opportunity to find on campus jobs, attend on campus career fairs to obtain full time jobs and to adjust with visa status.

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