IISAC’s Social Responsibility Projects & Activities

Environmental and Educational Research Grants

Professors and Scientists associated with IISAC promote established researchers to bring international grants to India in the areas of education, public health, and environmental issues. The identified research areas of social significance are; vector & water borne diseases, waste disposal, green technology, potable water, climate change, food preservation, tribal education and research.

For this IISAC promotes various programs of the UN, and partners with various US universities, NGO’s and Green Technology companies.(Alliance Bioconversion Company (ABCC ) USA , Humanitad Foundation, UK and South East Asian Technologies).

Dr. Abraham Joseph, the senior official of the UN in USA, who is also serving IISAC on its board of trustees, agreed to guide professors and scientists in preparing grant proposals for the “UN sustainable Development Goal 4 (UN SDG4).

Proposals related to: environmental degradation, climate change, public health will be channelized to UN’s Environmental program (UNEP), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and UNICEF. Dr. Joseph will serve as the mentor for the PI’s in identifying the appropriate UN agency and also to help in preparing the grants in acceptable UN formats for international competition.

Green Technology and Climate Change Related Research.

Mr Anil Joseph who is now serving as the partner for Alliance Bioconversion Company, USA and also as the director of Indian affairs for Humanitad Foundation, UK through a special MOU agreed to extend their technical and research services to IISAC in the following areas:

  • Organic farming
  • Land and water Restoration
  • Eco friendly Green Building
  • Integrated Energy – Roof top solar and Bio fuels
  • Backyard and community eco-projects and co-op industries

Translational Medical Research

IISAC promotes technology transfer in the various areas of Medical Biotechnology. The identified areas are Stem Cell Technology and Tissue Engineering, Diagnostic Genetics and Cancer Biology, IVF & ART, Cardiovascular diseases and Diabetics. IISAC’s Chairperson Prof. Ngan Huang (Dept. of Cardiology, Stanford University), co-ordinates the Collaborative Medical Research between US and Indian institutions.

Higher Education Consultation

The associated professors and scientists serving on the advisory board of IISAC are available to give consultation to universities and medical schools in developing International Curriculum to make Indian colleges, universities and medical schools to upgrade their pedagogy and research. This will be taken case by case, depending on the need of each institution that approaches IISAC for a specific help.

Syllabi preparation, curriculum management, undergraduate research, translational research are some of the strengths of our consultants. Prof. Sunny Luke our Program Director in International Education and research is coordinating higher education consultation.

International Seminars

IISAC promotes Science and Technology awareness by arranging professors and scientists visiting India to give cutting edge seminars in their fields of research. Also IISAC uses these speakers to organize international seminars and workshops in association with colleges, universities and medical schools in India.

Prof. Sunny Luke our program director provides Scientific Seminars in in the latest research areas of Tumor Markers, Genetic Markers of Mental Retardation, Genetics of Sexual Anomalies, Adult Stem Cells and Bio Engineered tissues.

Dr. Christopher Wilcox serves as the co-coordinator for International Medical Conferences to be conducted in India with the co-operation of Medical Schools in South India. Being a Professor and Chief of Nephrology and Director of Molecular Medicine, George Town University Medical Centre, Washington DC, he organizes cutting edge Research seminars and clinical practicum in the fields of Kidney diseases, Hypertension and Molecular Medicine.

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